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Chapter - 10Death Conditions in Life

Seth speaks

"A portion of you is aware of each and every dream encounter and experience. Dreams are no more hallucinatory than your physical life is. Your waking physical self is the dreamer, as far as your dreaming self is concerned: You are the dreamer it sends on its way. Your daily experiences are the dreams that it dreams, so when you look at your dreaming self or consider it, you do so with a highly prejudiced eye, taking it for granted that your "reality" is real and its reality is illusion.

It's reality is far more native to your being. However, if you do not find coherence in the dream state, it is because you have hypnotized yourselves into believing that none exists. Of course you try to translate your nightly adventures into physical terms upon wakening, and attempt to fit them into your often limited distortion of the nature of reality."

"Pretend for a moment that you are a child, and I am trying to undertake the particular chore of explaining to you what your most developed adult self will be like - and in my explanation, I say that this adult self is to some extent part of you, an outgrowth, or projection of what you are. And the child says "But what will happen to me? Must I die to become this other self? I do not want to change. How can I ever be this adult self, when it is not what I am now, without dying as what I am."

 "If you want to know what death is like then become aware of your own consciousness as it is divorced from physical activities. You will find that it is highly active. With practice you will discover that your normal waking consciousness is highly limited, and that what you thought of once as death conditions seem more like life conditions."

"Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy." - Dale Carnegie

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