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Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - My present environment

Chapter 4 - Reincarnational Dramas

Chapter 5 - How Thought Forms Matter

Chapter 8 - Sleep, dreams and consciousness

Chapter 10 - "Death" Conditions in life

Chapter 12 - Reincarnational Relationships


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Welcome to the Seth Speaks Website!

Seth is a multidimensional personality, of great humour and wisdom, who was channeled by psychic Jane Roberts in the early sixties.

No matter what your current belief systems are regarding channeling, the information offered here by Seth / Jane is extremely articulate and clearly full of wisdom. Offering a challenging, dynamic and extremely alternative explanation regarding the nature of reality, Seth’s ideas are very far from today’s society’s accepted beliefs, yet the information that Seth offers, to my way of thinking, makes suprisingly good sense. I hope that you will find the material on offer here to be inspirational, enchanting and empowering.

The Seth Speaks site offers you excerpts from Seth's literature available today.

We hope you will enjoy ....

"Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy." - Dale Carnegie

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